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Your refrigerator is the most necessary appliance in your kitchen. It keeps your meat, fish, poultry, produce, and dairy products cool and preserved prior to their use. When the refrigerator breaks down the food will warm up and spoil. You need to call for same-day repairs when this appliance breaks down. And, you need a reliable, affordable, and prompt repair service that will come out the day that you call.

When you call Las Cruces Appliance Repair, you are calling the right repair service. We fix all major brands of refrigerators and provide same-day service to all residents of Las cruces. Our certified repairman will come quickly diagnose your problem and make repairs or replace the necessary part on a single short repair call.



The most common reason we come out to check refrigerators is that they have been making noise. Common reasons are a damaged condenser fan motor in the refrigerator or a broken evaporator fan motor within the freezer. These are in two distinctly different locations so when you call for help, we may ask you to say where you think the noise is coming from. This simply guarantees that we will come to your home with the right tools and parts to quickly make the necessary repairs.


We have lots of experience fixing refrigerator leaks. These happen when there is a broken water inlet valve or when the door does not close properly due to a damaged door latch or other closure issues. We routinely fill up our vans with the parts and tools to fix these problems on all major refrigerator brands.


If your refrigerator will not start or run, the first thing is to check the circuit breaker and make sure the appliance is plugged in. If these are OK, call us for same-day repairs. Typically you will have a problem with temperature control or the compressor overload relay will be broken. We will be pleased to check out your problem and fix it on a short service call.


Ice maker problems include not working or working too slowly and producing ice cubes with an odor. We routinely fix both issues. A problem with freezer temperature control, a broken water inlet valve, or a damaged water fill tube are the common reasons for ice maker problems.


Your refrigerator needs to work within the “Goldilocks” range which is not too warm, not too cold, but just right! Broken air inlet dampers are common reasons for a too-warm refrigerator. Too cold refrigerators usually have problems with the thermistor or temperature control. Freezers have the same too-cold issues because of the same parts. Call us for same-day repair of these issues on all major brands.


An uncommon problem but one which we can fix is a broken water dispenser in your refrigerator. This is caused by a non-functioning dispenser actuator or a faulty water inlet valve. We carry the parts and tools for this repair for GE, Sear, Kenmore, Whirlpool, Sub-Zero and all other major brands.


Make sure to fix any problems your refrigerator has with closing correctly. When the door latch, gasket, seal, or hinges are not right, you will get condensation problems in the refrigerator, water leaks, spoiled food, and a higher electric bill. Call us for repairs on gaskets, seals, hinges, latches, and any other closure issue. And, while we are there we will replace any burned out light bulbs as well.